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    Learning from the best: James Patterson

    One of my biggest writing hero is James Patterson. I’ve taken his Mastersclass, and studied all there is to know about him on the internet regarding his writing, and his business. What do I like about him so much? He’s got a grasp on who his fans and readers are, knows how to engage them, and his writing business has taken him along a fulfilling journey doing something he truly loves-writing.

    I love his story about how an English teacher told him to quit writing, but yet Patterson persisted, proving that he wasn’t going to quit. He’s an example for me to not quit.

    I’m sharing two videos on James Patterson. I know there are more out there, and it was difficult to choose from, but these two interviews are my favorite. I especially like the later video where you can see his writing office and how he organizes everything. It’s incredible to see how much work and effort goes into creating a writing empire, and it’s an inspiration for me. That’s what I want too.

    Leave me a comment below if you have any thoughts.

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