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What I Read in the Month of April

This post is long over due, but better late than not post at all. April’s reading list was short. I read one book, but I read it twice! The book is called Blockbusters by Anita Elberse.

I read this book twice, which was recommended. Read it once for fun, then a second time to understand the business model of how blockbuster products are made and how the entertainment industry is constructed. I came upon Anita Elberse’s book by way of her Harvard business school lecture series. Oh how I would love to sit in person and listen to her lectures! Anita is an expert in the entertainment industry and has structured several of her lectures on case studies based on popular media. I love how she explains how blockbuster products are made. Products such as movies, songs, television shows, books, and how you can tap into the competitive market.

Since I’m a huge business nerd, it was a no brainer that I would be interested in reading her book. I’m interested in studying how things work, and how I can transfer this knowledge to make my own business a success. Now it’s time to apply some of this knowledge and put it to work!

Xx, K.