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    Seine River – IamDayLight

    What happens when you run out of ideas?

    Me? I go straight to music.

    I’m always searching for music that will have a profound emotional influence on me. There are moments when you need to let your imagination run wild. Especially when your well runs dry…or so they say.

    I don’t remember when I first discovered this song? I know it was on the internet. Somewhere. Somehow.

    Tell me what you think of it. What thoughts come to mind? Do you dream of Bali? Intergalactic space? Snow? A loved one? I’m curious.



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    Lakme – Duo des fleurs (Flower Duet)

    I’ve been busy working on my writing. Each day is progress, and hopeful. It’s exciting to read my work and see how far I”ve come. My editing skills are not the best, which is why editors are so important. Thank goodness!

    When I”m not writing, I take breaks by either going out for a walk, the occasional gym work outs, enjoying delicious warm beignets, while binge watching Inspector Morse. I’ve always been a fan of detective mysteries, and classical music, and if you watch the show you’ll understand why.

    This is one of my favorites. It’s on my bucket list to see a performance in person, among other things. Enjoy!

    Xx, Katie