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    Music Inspiration: Wild Nothing/To Know You

    Music gives me so much inspiration when it comes to my writing. When I listen to a song that I like, I can immediately envision an image or a scenario with people, places, and experiences.

    Does that ever happen to you? Especially if it’s a song that brings back certain memories?

    One band that has inspired my writing is Wild Nothing. They’re an American indie rock band that I accidentally discovered on Spotify. The song that came up on my suggested playlist was titled, To Know You.

    I love this song. I’ve been listening to it often. It’s one of those songs that invokes a rush of images and writing frenzy. I love it!

    Have a listen and let me know what you think of it.

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    Writing and Chatting

    I can hardly believe that we’re already close to winding down the month of January, and in 2019?? Where did the month go? Much to my shame, I’ve been busy burying my nose into editing. After several drafts of my current work in progress, this latest round is still not quite ready. What are we at…draft #4? I can’t even remember.

    In all honesty, it’s been a slow process to get back into the groove of writing and editing. After the holidays I just felt uninspired.

    So basically I had to set aside my work and just relax. I went for walks, walked my dog, went to the beach, spent time with friends and family, ate a lot of food (gained 2 lbs from sweets…thank you very much).

    And now here we are. I’m back to work and trying to reconfigure which scenes are needed, scenes that should be deleted, dialogue sequences, and show, don’t tell. The later is the most basic skill of writers but also the most challenging.

    There are a lot of layers involved when it comes to writing a book. It’s not romantic or pretty, and instead a beautiful mess. If I didn’t love writing so much, I wouldn’t continue but I love writing and I love challenging myself to finish this work.

    Lastly, this website. 2018 meant a lot of changes with my site and none of them were by choice. My hosting company decided to do an upgrade to their system and in that process lost all of my content. Incredible right?

    I was left frantically searching for my site and then came to the conclusion that it could not be recovered. Even with paid back-up. What the heck? Lost in the internet universe for good. Oh well.

    So after 10 hours of crying, I decided that life must move forward. I decided that maybe this is a sign for a remodel. Start fresh…in 2019. So here I am now in this new space. It still doesn’t feel like home, but you know how it is right after you move in. You have to wait until the decorating settles in and then you start to feel cozy.