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    December Classic Literature

    For my December, I thought it would be appropriate to choose A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. I love this Christmas classic tale, which is one of Dickens’ genius storytelling at work. Reading A Christmas Carol during this time of year has been somewhat of a tradition for me personally, and it’s always nice to watch the movie too!

    It’s a story with many relevant long-lasting themes. Themes that can easily be relatable and stand the test of time.

    My favorite character in the book is Scrooge. At the beginning of the story he’s a grumpy, cold-hearted man, and by the end of the story, he becomes a changed man. I love a happy ending!

    And how can we forget the other characters such as Tiny Tim, Bob Cratchit, Fezziwig, The Ghost of Christmas Past, and so on. These characters are unmistakenably classic.

    With the weather getting chilly outside, I can’t wait to snuggle up by the fireside and read this book!

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    Weekend Reading

    I’m always on the look out for a romance novel that I can read stress free (if you know what I mean). This is a perfect book to read over the weekend when you’re not binge watching on Netflix. The story reminds me of Bridget Jones in a way, but it’s not really a romantic comedy.

    It’s about two lawyers who went to law school together, had a relationship, cut it off, and then meet up again under an unusual circumstance.

    Not going to spoil it and tell you everything about the book. You’ll have to read it and find out!

    Happy reading!

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    I just went to Target and picked up J.K. Rowling’s new book! The Ickabog.

    I started keeping up with the installments online, but then held back and stopped myself from reading anything further. That took a lot of will power. I wanted to really wait for it to come out in proper book format.

    And here it is! I have J.K. Rowling’s new book in my hands. The drawings inside are so much fun. They are made by children, and a very cool idea to include.

    Now I need to get some of my favorite desserts, find some quiet time, and read.