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Hello Weekend! 5/22/20

A little update: this week was another productive one. I am STILL actively searching for a literary agent, while working on another manuscript and script. I have to admit that I prefer writing young adult stories, rather than writing a movie script, but scripts go much faster and are easier to write. Selling your writing work on the other hand can be a challenge.

As for the agent search, it’s finding the right one who will support me and not spend all their time on Twitter ranting about politics. This is a red flag for me. I’m looking for someone who is focused on business.

Speaking of focus. If it’s one thing I know I’m capable of, it’s completing my goals and tasks. While I write I use a few tools to help me stay organized. Here are some cool links I wanted to share.

Taskade // Such a great organizational tool to help keep track of my to do list. I’m still a paper planner girl, but I love how I can create tasks for group or teams, as well as keep track of my goals on desktop. Play around with this tool and see how it can work for your needs. I’ve been using the free one which is great!

Forest // I wanted a visual and fun timer to help me accomplish my writing goals. This is a fun app that you plant virtual trees with. The app allows you to set a timer, during which your virtual tree grows. As long as you keep the app open, your tree grows. Your tree will die if you exit the app. Yes, I’m the type of person who needs this kind of app to stay focused 🙂

GoodNotes // I have an iPad Pro and love using this app to keep my digital notes/notebooks organized. I looked into the other apps, but prefer Goodnotes because of the notebook covers and the choice of papers. Here’s a great Youtube video, skip to 6:00 if you just want to see the GoodNotes app in action.

New York Public Library Spotify list // We’ve all been in lock down during the pandemic of 2020, and it’s been quiet. Missing are the sights and sounds of the world. Since I was in New York City towards the end of December, this playlist allowed me to relive a part of my trip. It’s great for background white noise for editing too. I don’t know why but I need to have background noise when I’m writing or editing???

I hope to share more digital finds with you in future posts. Let me know if you end up trying these!