A Parisian Winter Tale

As we approach this wonderful time of year, I find myself enveloped in beautiful stories that depict what this season is all about. Themes of gratitude, love, service, and family, are just a few that come to mind. Every year I revisit the same traditional stories: It’s A Wonderful Life, A Christmas Carol, until one year I discovered this particular story…A Parisian Winter Tale. I don’t remember when I made the delightful discovery, but I’m happy I did.

A Parisian Winter Tale written by writer Tatiana de Rosnay and animated by Montblanc. There is an entire video on the art form of how this story was animated, and you’ll have to be sure to watch that one too. There is no doubt the animation process that occurred in making this short film is an entire art form in itself.

I hope you’ll enjoy this beautiful story as much as I do. It is exquisitely romantic, and has become a wonderful addition to my list of Christmas traditions.

Let me know what you think!

Xx, Katie

Photo by Celine Ylmz on Unsplash