• Packing for Travel


    As a traveler I’m constantly on the look out for anything that will simplify my TSA check in process as well as keeping me comfortable.

    So what do I pack in my carry-on bag? Here are a few list of my must-haves:

    • I carry all my stuff in this Miss Gusto bag I picked up from my TJMAXX. It was purchased 3 years ago and I love it! My carry-on items fit nicely inside, including my laptop perfectly! It has an important feature which I feel is really handy, and that’s the zipper to close off everything. The last thing you need is your stuff falling out of your bag on the airplane. One other thing I love about this bag is the generous shoulder straps, along with it’s adjustable cross body style strap. Both come in handy when you’re walking (or running) from gate to gate. Love it!
    • Bose ear phones (the noise cancelling is amazing and well worth the expense)
    • Zippered pouch/Black Fur (for carrying my cell phone charger, small back up ear buds, computer charger, and bluetooth camera remote control)
    • TSA approved 6×6 zippered pouch for liquid items (Clarins hand lotion, Clarins eye gel, Chanel Le Lift facial lotion, Visine contact lens eye drops, Murad acne fast spot fix, perfume atomizers, antibacterial hand sanitizer, pain reliever)
    • Chanel lipstick: currently my favorite color in SCRIPT
    • Lip balm (Dior’s Creme Rose)
    • Wallet
    • Laptop
    • Writer’s Notebook
    • What is not shown is my personal hygiene kit. It’s in a small zippered pouch (pink) so I can easily differentiate what’s inside without having to unzip the bag.
    • Not pictured: Magazine or book

    That’s pretty much it. I’d love to hear what you travel with!