• Revision Process


    Here’s a little update.

    I’m in another round of revisions for my current work in progress. I know, I know. I think this is draft number X? I’m  actually forgetting which number of draft this work is. That’s sad. I’m not going to lie. There have been so many.


    I’m also not going to get down on myself about it, just that it’s been an honest struggle with this. I’m determined to beat it.

    There’s something that is so challenging about revising a work that was rejected by agents with some good feedback.

    Nothing to it right?

    Yeah right!

    I’ve been told that I have a great story but it needs more fine-tuning.

    That set off my anxiety issues. I’m not a perfect person.

    I’m a workaholic and set right into the editing mode. I even skipped lunch and dinner to revise. I’ve always worked for things that I wanted. I wasn’t given an easy path in life and if there was something I wanted, I just went for it.

    My work is important to me. I want this particular story to be published and I’m determined to get this right. There are two other stories I have that I started and then put on hold … just to finish this one. It literally bugs me.

    This is my debut novel.

    I’ve done research. A lot of it. There is roughly 60,000 or so words in my young adult contemporary manuscript.

    I’ve designed my plot. I have my outlines. I have steps that I need to go through with the manuscript.

    I have my inspiration folder and my notebooks.

    So now it’s time to revise…again. Etc. Etc.

    This manuscript isn’t perfect and I’ve narrowed it down to these points. For this round of revision, here’s my plan:

    1. Edit voice throughout.
    2. Edit specific scenes. Do they move the story?
    3. Make sure dialogue/conversations make sense.

    I’ve been contemplating about other manuscript issues, but those are the ones that stick out. I’m sure I’ll come across more. Right now that’s my goal for the Thanksgiving break. After that, I’ll have to see where I stand and how I feel about querying agents. To be honest, I set a deadline after the beginning of the new year to query agents again. Once things settle after Christmas break I’ll have a better feeling about this manuscript.

    My agent wishlist is long.  I have forty agents to query.

    Wish me luck?

    Until then.