• Notes On Paper 

    I like to collect paper. Not just the pretty ones like scrapbook paper, but plain notebook paper.

    I’m always keeping my eyes out for something, especially when I travel.

    I’m always  jotting down ideas on scraps of paper and then tuck them into my notebook. Everything is wrapped around with a rubber band. I know it’s not a sane way to stay organized, but it is for me…for now.

    I especially love spiral notebook paper. Printed, lined or unlined. Give me any notebook and I’m sure I can do something with it.

    Like this.

    I printed one of my favorite Shakespeare sonnet on this paper and I’m going to organize them in my  3-ring planner/organizer. I’ll share more of my collection soon.

    So how do you organize your ideas? Notebook? File Folders? Envelopes? I’d love to know!



  • Happy Weekend!


    photo source

    Ah, New York in the fall. What are your plans for this weekend? I’m heading out to see Fantastic Beasts and can’t wait to share my review with you. Have a great weekend!

    XO, K.

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