• Notes On Paper 

    I like to collect paper. Not just the pretty ones like scrapbook paper, but plain notebook paper.

    I’m always keeping my eyes out for something, especially when I travel.

    I’m always  jotting down ideas on scraps of paper and then tuck them into my notebook. Everything is wrapped around with a rubber band. I know it’s not a sane way to stay organized, but it is for me…for now.

    I especially love spiral notebook paper. Printed, lined or unlined. Give me any notebook and I’m sure I can do something with it.

    Like this.

    I printed one of my favorite Shakespeare sonnet on this paper and I’m going to organize them in my  3-ring planner/organizer. I’ll share more of my collection soon.

    So how do you organize your ideas? Notebook? File Folders? Envelopes? I’d love to know!