• Finally Friday!

    I’m looking forward to this weekend.

    It’s going to be a great one! The weather is getting colder and  I can’t wait for Christmas.

    I hope you guys stay warm and safe out there. Have a great weekend!

    Here are 5 things I loved this week:

    How To Wrap Christmas Gifts Like A Hipster.

    A Gift Wrapping Giveaway via Anthropologie here.

    DIY Creative Stitched Up Gift.

    Gifts For Her Under $100 | Glitter Guide 

    21 Winter Coats Not to Pass Up.


    Photo image by: @meohmygirl



  • Happy Weekend!


    photo source

    Ah, New York in the fall. What are your plans for this weekend? I’m heading out to see Fantastic Beasts and can’t wait to share my review with you. Have a great weekend!

    XO, K.

    How bullet journaling changed her life.

    Blogger Susanne Randers doodles for Flow Weekly.

    I’m trying out this crock pot honey garlic chicken recipe.

    Customize your notebooks. This makes the perfect gift for writers!

    The stand you need for your Macbook laptop.


  • Have a beautiful weekend!


    Sharing this Striezelmarkt Dresden time-lapse video has become somewhat of a Christmas tradition for me here on the blog.

    The music is befitting of this beautifully captured time-lapse.

    If you’ve never heard of The Striezelmarkt in Dresden, here’s some interesting facts from Novalapse’s website:

    The Striezelmarkt in Dresden is one of Germany’s oldest documented Christmas markets. It was first mentioned in 1434, under Friedrich II, an Elector of Saxony, when it was held the Monday before Christmas on the Altmarkt square. Over the centuries it has developed into a huge event with 250 stands, taking up a large part of Dresden city centre and lasting throughout the Advent period. Today the Striezelmarkt attracts 2 million visitors a year from all over the world.
    The word Striezelmarkt comes from Strüzel or Stroczel, which was the name of a type of cake sold at the market, now famous as Stollen or Christstollen. Stollen is a light airy fruitcake which is quite low in sugar, today available in many parts of the world. The true Dresden Stollen, however, is produced in the city and distinguished by a special seal depicting the city’s famous king, August the Strong. The shape of the cake is meant to be reminiscent of the entrance to a mine tunnel (the literal meaning of Stollen) reflecting the area’s silver and tin mining history.

    I hope you’ll enjoy this video magic. Have a wonderful weekend!

    XX, Katie