• My new planner purchased at Anthropologie

    I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago and paid a visit to one of my favorite stores- Anthropologie. Just walking through their front door was exhilarating enough. I soak up all their creativity inside the store. From the display designs to the actual products themselves.

    One product I discovered is this planner.


    Big Plans Planner.

    It’s roughly sized at 6×8 with a monthly view calendar and weekly agenda. I would have preferred a daily task agenda but I already use something for this at my workspace. Daily tasks are checked off in my daily agenda like a to do list.

    This planner is what I carry around and inside the weekly agenda, I basically list off things in my brain that I need to get done. It’s something of a quick brain dumpsite. I always forget things! I tried the cell phone calendar and planner, and it’s great since I get electronic reminders on my laptop, but I still need paper to remind me. I also use this planner as a notebook since it’s a 3- ring binder system. Perfect for holding onto magazine clippings and articles I just happen to find.

    I made my own planner charms and tassels that are attached to the top binder clip. The pink beads are from Walmart and I just used pretty twine from my local craft store. It’s just a little decorative embellishment. If I wanted to, I could use it as a bookmark for the weekly agenda page I’m on.

    Everyone has their own method and the hard part is discovering what that method is. It has taken me several trials to figure out what I like using the most.

    So how do you organize your life? What method works best for you? Electronic calendar, paper planner, or both?

  • Happy Weekend :: 10 Links I Love By Katie


    This week was packed with so many things I needed to accomplish. Much of which was editing my current work in progress manuscript and following up with a few agents I queried a few months ago. Hoping these changes will have a positive outcome for me and I will be able to acquire a literary agent soon. It’s been too long (almost 3 years) of drafts, revisions, rejections, and more rejections.

    But that’s business.

    Looking forward to the weekend. Cheers!

    image source

    1. Love this decorating idea. (via Urban Outfitters)
    2. I’m making one of these for my office. (Emerson Grey Designs)
    3. Grilled Chicken With Fresh Herbs. (Whole Foods Market)
    4. My beauty pick of the week. (Anthropologie)
    5. Currently listening to this song on repeat. ( Taylor Swift)
    6. My current scent for Spring. ( Jo Malone)
    7. Reading this book. (Amazon)
    8. Just put this on my bucket list. (Bird Bakery)
    9. Fangirling this. (Captain America: Civil War)
    10. Dreaming about this place. (Lonely Planet)


  • Anthropologie Store Opening in Destin, Florida



    I was invited by Anthropologie to attend one of their exclusive store opening events this past weekend. It was exciting to get the first glimpse of what the new store would look like. So glad that I arrived early to take these photos because as soon as the event began, the store was packed with guests.

    As usual, Anthropologie did not disappoint!


    I had to ask their employee about this beautiful and very creative display. I was told this was created using purple balloons and pink cupcake liners. Amazing! And the incredible patience it must have taken to create the piece.


    Much of their products in this area were kitchen items. I love thumbing through their cookbooks and purchased one of them titled The Farmhouse cook book. I can’t wait to try out the recipes.


    The new store is located at the Grand Boulevard Town Center in Sandestin. Perfect location and easy store access for all shoppers. For those who are familiar with Anthropologie know that  the store curates chic home decor, women’s fashion, books, and gifts.

    If you are in the area or visiting, be sure to check out Anthropologie in Destin!