• 10 Things That Make Me Happy

    I’m not a perfect person. I strive to become one, and I know it’s impossible.  Trying to be the best is better than not trying at all. Today I’m sharing a few tidbits about myself with you. Blurry picture of me and all.

    10 Things That Make Me Happy:

    1. Exploring a city.
    2.  A visit to the museum.
    3. Doing a random act of kindness for someone.
    4. Visiting a bookstore (vintage or new).
    5. A hike or walk outdoors (mountain or beach).
    6. Staying in bed in the morning.
    7. Listening to good music.
    8. A massage, manicure, pedicure, or other spa treatment.
    9. Buying myself fresh flowers.
    10. Cooking for others.



  • Like + Dislike


    1. I enjoy visiting garden estates, but I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to plants.
    2. I like to listen to rock music. Stuff from Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Kinks, Def Leppard, Alice and Chains,  Nirvana, Rush, The Beatles, and Cage The Elephant.
    3. I’m a nerd and enjoy geeking on things from Star Wars and Star Trek.
    4. I have a thing for purses. Mostly really good leather handbags.
    5. My favorite Starbuck drink is the Strawberry Acai drink. Size: Grande
    6. My favorite poet is Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    7. I am the oldest with 1 younger sister.
    8. I really dislike being late so I’ll probably arrive to my appointments twenty minutes early.
    9. I prefer warm weather.
    10. I de-stress by walking on the beach.
    11. I hate clutter.
    12. I am a huge candle freak.
    13. I worry about being late…see # 8.
    14. My favorite perfume at the moment is Giorgio Armani Si.
    15. I love my family.
    16. I shop at the same stores, over and over again.
    17. I enjoy exploring new cities.
    18. I’m afraid of heights, particularly falling from the sky.
    19. I dislike watching or reading the news.
    20. I like surprising unsuspecting people and seeing them happy and smile.