• Revision Process


    Here’s a little update.

    I’m in another round of revisions for my current work in progress. I know, I know. I think this is draft number X? I’m  actually forgetting which number of draft this work is. That’s sad. I’m not going to lie. There have been so many.


    I’m also not going to get down on myself about it, just that it’s been an honest struggle with this. I’m determined to beat it.

    There’s something that is so challenging about revising a work that was rejected by agents with some good feedback.

    Nothing to it right?

    Yeah right!

    I’ve been told that I have a great story but it needs more fine-tuning.

    That set off my anxiety issues. I’m not a perfect person.

    I’m a workaholic and set right into the editing mode. I even skipped lunch and dinner to revise. I’ve always worked for things that I wanted. I wasn’t given an easy path in life and if there was something I wanted, I just went for it.

    My work is important to me. I want this particular story to be published and I’m determined to get this right. There are two other stories I have that I started and then put on hold … just to finish this one. It literally bugs me.

    This is my debut novel.

    I’ve done research. A lot of it. There is roughly 60,000 or so words in my young adult contemporary manuscript.

    I’ve designed my plot. I have my outlines. I have steps that I need to go through with the manuscript.

    I have my inspiration folder and my notebooks.

    So now it’s time to revise…again. Etc. Etc.

    This manuscript isn’t perfect and I’ve narrowed it down to these points. For this round of revision, here’s my plan:

    1. Edit voice throughout.
    2. Edit specific scenes. Do they move the story?
    3. Make sure dialogue/conversations make sense.

    I’ve been contemplating about other manuscript issues, but those are the ones that stick out. I’m sure I’ll come across more. Right now that’s my goal for the Thanksgiving break. After that, I’ll have to see where I stand and how I feel about querying agents. To be honest, I set a deadline after the beginning of the new year to query agents again. Once things settle after Christmas break I’ll have a better feeling about this manuscript.

    My agent wishlist is long.  I have forty agents to query.

    Wish me luck?

    Until then.



  • American Literature since 1945


    I’ve been taking it slow on my blog and for good reason. This week I enrolled in a 12 week literature course from an Ivy League extension program.

    Here’s the reading list for the next few weeks.



    The class moves fast and since it’s all online, I’m expected to read a book a week  before the next discussion.

    So far so good…I think.

    No, I’m not stressed out…I think.

    But when I’m stressed out I like to make art. Here’s what I made today.




  • My new planner purchased at Anthropologie

    I was in Atlanta a few weeks ago and paid a visit to one of my favorite stores- Anthropologie. Just walking through their front door was exhilarating enough. I soak up all their creativity inside the store. From the display designs to the actual products themselves.

    One product I discovered is this planner.


    Big Plans Planner.

    It’s roughly sized at 6×8 with a monthly view calendar and weekly agenda. I would have preferred a daily task agenda but I already use something for this at my workspace. Daily tasks are checked off in my daily agenda like a to do list.

    This planner is what I carry around and inside the weekly agenda, I basically list off things in my brain that I need to get done. It’s something of a quick brain dumpsite. I always forget things! I tried the cell phone calendar and planner, and it’s great since I get electronic reminders on my laptop, but I still need paper to remind me. I also use this planner as a notebook since it’s a 3- ring binder system. Perfect for holding onto magazine clippings and articles I just happen to find.

    I made my own planner charms and tassels that are attached to the top binder clip. The pink beads are from Walmart and I just used pretty twine from my local craft store. It’s just a little decorative embellishment. If I wanted to, I could use it as a bookmark for the weekly agenda page I’m on.

    Everyone has their own method and the hard part is discovering what that method is. It has taken me several trials to figure out what I like using the most.

    So how do you organize your life? What method works best for you? Electronic calendar, paper planner, or both?

  • What’s On My Desk


    It’s been raining for almost a week here and I’m hating it. Despite the depressing weather, I’m staying comfy inside and keeping busy in my home office. Here’s a quick snapshot of what’s on my desk.

    Currently my favorite Chanel lipstick in Julia, YSL Touche Eclat Blur Perfector, Clarins hand and nail treatment lotion, Christian Dior lip balm, and relaxing candle.

    When I write I don’t play music in my office, unless it’s just calm instrumental music like this. For the times when I create and work in my art journal, then I’ll play some fun music. Currently, Free People’s Spotify  has been my favorite office playlist :: If you have a Spotify account, log in and check it out.

    Have a great Friday and awesome weekend!



  • Anthropologie Store Opening in Destin, Florida



    I was invited by Anthropologie to attend one of their exclusive store opening events this past weekend. It was exciting to get the first glimpse of what the new store would look like. So glad that I arrived early to take these photos because as soon as the event began, the store was packed with guests.

    As usual, Anthropologie did not disappoint!


    I had to ask their employee about this beautiful and very creative display. I was told this was created using purple balloons and pink cupcake liners. Amazing! And the incredible patience it must have taken to create the piece.


    Much of their products in this area were kitchen items. I love thumbing through their cookbooks and purchased one of them titled The Farmhouse cook book. I can’t wait to try out the recipes.


    The new store is located at the Grand Boulevard Town Center in Sandestin. Perfect location and easy store access for all shoppers. For those who are familiar with Anthropologie know that  the store curates chic home decor, women’s fashion, books, and gifts.

    If you are in the area or visiting, be sure to check out Anthropologie in Destin!

  • What I’m Currently Listening …

    I’m very fortunate to work at home. It’s one of the perks of being a freelance writer.  I’m able to plan my own schedule, eat what I want, when I want, and entertain myself while I work. It’s a really interesting lifestyle, but if I’m not careful I can get lazy and then I won’t be able to meet deadlines and produce quality work.

    It’s definitely similar to running your own business. You’re an entrepreneur running a creative business. I’ll admit that being a freelance writer is not easy. Writing is a lonely profession.

    That’s where music comes in. I need music in my office. I don’t write with music playing, I need silence for that, but after I finish my work, I’ll reward myself with some music.

    I’m constantly looking for old and new music to listen to. This week I rediscovered the British band, The Smiths.  One of my favorite song in particular is How Soon is Now.


    Youtube had many variations of this song. One that stood out was from Johnny Marr, the composer of How Soon Is Now. The video I’m sharing with you below is Marr playing the original song himself.

    Here are some song facts I thought were interesting:

    • Johnny Marr, the guitarist for British 80’s band, The Smiths, composed this song and stated it was about their frontman, Morrissey and his crippling shyness.
    • Marr wanted the beginning of the song to be memorable so that when it was played in clubs, people would immediately recognize it. He was right.
    • This song was featured in the 1998 film, The Wedding Singer, starring Adam Sandler. Love Split Love’s cover provided the theme tune for the supernatural drama, Charmed.


  • Have a Great Weekend!

    Roses-email-600x600It’s finally Friday. That felt like a long week didn’t it?

    I hope your 2016 was off to a great start. Here’s The Chainsmokers with Roses to kick off your weekend.

    I LOVE this song! Enjoy!!


  • San Destin Seaside

    Hey guys! This past weekend I had a chance to visit the San Destin area, just outside the city limits of Destin, Florida. We visited a few areas of interest,  sampled some great dining venues and did some shopping.

    I was mostly intrigued by the coastal living lifestyle. It’s been my dream to live right on the waterfront and I had an opportunity to visit a few new model homes. I was impressed that the housing industry is evolving with so much use of technology, downright to the security features and to the home entertainment. There was so much to understand about this technology as well as exciting to be living in this time to experience it. Everything was controlled right at the touch of your fingertips and your keyboard!

    One of the best features of living on the coast is the view. I managed to take a few photos for inspiration. Most of what inspired me was the sunset. I can positively imagine myself sitting in my back patio, taking in all the waterfront scenery. Beautiful! The weather was perfect and comfortable at just 70 degrees! No humidity, and no pesky mosquitoes. If you’re in Florida, you know about the humidity and the mosquitoes that live here.

    Waterfront living is  my goal. It was so peaceful and quiet in this seaside community. Perfect for a writer to find inspiration with no distractions. There were limited cars in the area because most of the residents living in this coastal community rode their bikes. There were dozens of organized bike racks at every location, from the local eatery cafe to the shopping district. I loved it!

    And if you’re not into biking, every thing was also within walking distance. Driving into Destin was a breeze as well. Residents can drive anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes into Destin for some shopping and fine dining.

    The fact that this quiet seaside community is still growing is what makes this all the more exciting. I love visiting and experiencing a brand new area before it gets developed. The change from before to after is amazing. I was sure to take lots of photos to document this experience!

    So there you go. If you ever get a chance to visit Florida, San Destin is the place to go!

  • Monday Motivation

    This quote makes me so happy.

    It reminds me about the mistakes we make in life, the forgiveness we ask for, and the purpose of why we experience things that are tossed at us in life. Sometimes good, and sometimes bad.

    But in the end, we know it happened for a reason. And that is most often for the reason that we should grow.