• Aging No Matter What

    I’m a huge fan of Vogue, and when I came across their latest beauty video, I became an even bigger fan.

    This article features former 1980’s Supermodel Joan Severance. To be honest, after I end up watching these Vogue beauty videos, I feel a little depressed…because I don’t look like these models. But after watching Joan Severance’s beauty clip, I am inspired.

    I’m inspired by her aging. Her carefree attitude about aging and her flaws. It’s honestly and finally REFRESHING. I wish the beauty industry would embrace this more…the honest aging process and beauty that comes along with it…instead of the constant quest to remain forever 18.

    I don’t know if you have friends that range in a variety of ages, but I actually do. I have friends in their 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, and even 80’s. One of my close friend is 82 years old and used to be in my local book club that I ran. She does not look her age! We would exchange book discussion topics and ideas about plot. I love her wisdom. Her husband is a former Ironman too, and her love of healthy eating and exercise has definitely paid off. Even way before it was a fad…she was already living the healthy lifestyle.  Woman like her inspire me.

    This video sums it up for me:

    Embrace your own imperfections. Most importantly, embrace aging.




  • Beauty Tip: Styling Dirty Hair


    I’m a huge proponent of the idea of not washing your hair every day, and going a few days off. The problem with this idea is finding some hair styles that are creative. Since I work at home, I need something that actually looks put together when I answer my front door, and not look like I still have bedhead.

    This video I discovered from The Zoe Report offers some great hair style ideas.

    Enjoy! XO,


  • Monday Random Thoughts



    I thought about cutting my hair short once summer was over. I didn’t take the plunge as you can see, and now I’m kind of glad  I didn’t cut my hair.

    I like long hair.

    I can play around with different styles and it doesn’t bother me or get in the way, especially since  I love putting my hair up in a messy bun or braids. So I will be keeping this style for awhile longer. It also helped that there were long hair inspirations on the internet.


    I love Zara’s editorial photo featuring these models with long hair.


    And how about this look from Free People? It’s very boho and if you have thick long hair, I think it would be easy to pull off.




  • Beauty Product Of The Week: Laura Mercier Flawless Skin Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil


    I recently discovered  Laura Mercier’s Flawless Skin Infusion de Rose Nourishing Oil  while on a trip to Park City, Utah. It’s amazing and I’m honestly addicted to it! This little gem is now a part of my beauty routine.

    What’s perfect about this beauty product is that it isn’t just for your face, but you can use it on your cuticles, nails, or anywhere that needs hydrating. It’s also the perfect facial oil to use when you’re giving yourself a little pampering facial massage. I do this all the time to relieve stress and encourage blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

    The texture of this formula is not oily, nor does it leave a greasy feeling after application. If it leaves your face oily, you’re probably applying too much. Take it from me, I have oily skin already so you would think the last thing I’d want to put on my face is oil.

    Also, with my sensitive skin that is prone to breakouts, I have to be cautious of what products I use and so far I haven’t had any flare ups in the month I’ve been using this. In fact, it’s the opposite and my skin has that dewy glow.

    I also love that the nourishing oil absorbs quickly and hydrates my skin in just a few minutes after application. Just pump a few drops onto your fingertips or palm, and dab generously onto your skin. The scent is softly aromatic with a slight infusion of rose that isn’t at all overwhelming. You’ll love it!


    *This is not a sponsored post. I purchased this product with my own funds and after a month of honest use, I am sharing my review.

  • Anthropologie Store Opening in Destin, Florida



    I was invited by Anthropologie to attend one of their exclusive store opening events this past weekend. It was exciting to get the first glimpse of what the new store would look like. So glad that I arrived early to take these photos because as soon as the event began, the store was packed with guests.

    As usual, Anthropologie did not disappoint!


    I had to ask their employee about this beautiful and very creative display. I was told this was created using purple balloons and pink cupcake liners. Amazing! And the incredible patience it must have taken to create the piece.


    Much of their products in this area were kitchen items. I love thumbing through their cookbooks and purchased one of them titled The Farmhouse cook book. I can’t wait to try out the recipes.


    The new store is located at the Grand Boulevard Town Center in Sandestin. Perfect location and easy store access for all shoppers. For those who are familiar with Anthropologie know that  the store curates chic home decor, women’s fashion, books, and gifts.

    If you are in the area or visiting, be sure to check out Anthropologie in Destin!

  • How To Get A Job At Vogue : Series

    When I first discovered that Alexa Chung was going to be taking readers into Vogue, I was ecstatic. I’m a huge fan of the magazine industry, especially with Vogue. It’s not just the editorials that I’m fascinated about, but there’s such a rich history with this brand. Social history in what the trends are, how fashion has evolved, and the artistry from the photographers. I love them all.

    In this series, Alexa gives us an inside look at how to get a job at Vogue. Perhaps everyone’s dream job is to be inside Vogue, especially if you love fashion.

  • Korres Lip Butter Review


    I mentioned this earlier on my blog. Well, a month later, I’m ready to give my final review.

    First, I must admit that I am a lip balm fanatic. I sit at my desk, writing, working, researching all day, and what do I have nearby besides a plate of cookies, milk, and candy? Well, my trusty stash of lip balms of course. I love them!

    But my favorites will always be my favorites. I picked up this lip butter called Jasmine, a sheer neutral pink at Sephora. This Korres Lip Butter is packaged really well, beautiful in design and aesthetics. I love the scent, which is not overwhelming.

    When I first tested this product, I didn’t like the texture of it. It felt rather like a gummy paste. Gummy is the exact word that came to mind, but once you get over that hurdle, the lip butter quality is incredible. After a full month of use, I admit that I like this product. It’s very moisturizing and hydrating to your lips. Jasmine did leave a slight tint to my lips, which matched my natural shade, and what  I was going for. There are four colors to choose from, priced at $12.00 and available at Sephora.

    If you’re a lip balm fanatic like me, and have used Korres before or any other lip moisturizing product, let me know what you think and if you have any favorites!



  • Korres Lip Balm

    I’m testing out Korres lip balm in Jasmine. I’ll have a final review on the blog by the end of September. I love testing new products for a good full month or so before making a final decision.

    So far so good with this little gem!