• Friday Reading List

    Hey friends! How was your week? Mine was drenched with rain. I love rain when I’m snuggled warm and dry inside, but when I’m outside and running errands…no fun! At least it’s not snow and just rain… right?

    For this Friday’s post, I thought I’d share with you my current reading list.

    I read daily, and even though this year I’m focusing on classical literature, I still enjoy keeping up with publishing trends.

    This is what I’m currently reading.  ** Please note: The books listed do not reflect an endorsement by me nor did I receive any form of compensation (…I wish!) from any of these authors. I spent my own money to purchase them and just wanted to share.

    1. Replica by Lauren Oliver.
    2. Chase The Lion by Mark Patterson.
    3. Goop Clean Beauty from the editors of Goop.
    4. Magazines such as Forbes, Inc., Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire, British Vogue, Real Simple, Instyle, Women’s Health, and Martha Stewart Living.
    5. Complete Book of Home Organization by Toni Hammersly.

    Have a great weekend!




  • Monday Motivation

    The comfort zone. How does it work for you?

    Me. I’m constantly working on mine. I’m a work in progress you might say. I struggle with it often…to be honest…but I always end up fine in the end.

    Last Friday I stepped out of my studio and went to see Star War’s Rogue One. I had been looking forward to this moment all week. Hard work = reward yourself.

    I went to see the movie in the evening. The line was long..and yes, I began to hyperventilate. I really wanted to run out of that line, despite only waiting ten minutes. Finally, I was able to get inside and find a nice seat.

    Then another struggle occurred: Sitting next to strangers. Sitting elbow to elbow.

    Two thoughts entered my head immediately as I watch the theatre fill up.

    1. I’m still surrounded by a crowd of people.
    2. Disney did it again…this movie is going to receive high revenues.

    Those inner thoughts should give you a sense of my Ying and Yang process I constantly go through. Tiring? Yes.

    You would think that growing up in Los Angeles, California, I would be used to crowds. I’m not. I hate it. I would rather be in a galaxy…far, far away.

    But once the opening previews began,  I managed to calm myself down and just go with the flow. Crowd weariness is a big struggle for me, no matter where I am, but you’d probably never know unless I shared this fact with you.

    Somehow in that theatre, I managed to focus on the positive things, and shrink out the negative stuff.

    Enjoy the moment.

    Enjoy the movie.

    Enjoy the time I have to relax.

    I’ve come to terms that my comfort zone is constantly in motion. Once I start trying to venture out from my comfort zone, I’ll be able to try new things. New things are good.

    And in the end, if I don’t like what I’ve just tried, I don’t have to do it again. I have that freedom to allow myself to say no and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so.




    image credit: Anna Karina, photographed by Terry O’Neill, 1968.

  • My 10 Favorite Christmas Movies To Watch


    I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of December. We’re quickly wrapping up the year and as Christmas approaches, I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by queuing up some of my favorite holiday movies. There’s something comforting about curling up on the couch and watching your favorites every December. From classic features to romantic comedies, I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite Christmas flicks to get you in the holiday spirit!

    It’s A Wonderful Life: If you’re in the mood for a classic film, nothing tops this Christmas classic starring James Stewart. With it’s powerful message, this movie will surely put you in a positive mood. It has several themes like love, family, and courage. By the way,  I prefer the black and white version, not the colorized.

    Elf: Will Ferrell is perfect as the imperfect “ELF” in this movie.  There are so many great scenes in this one, such as where Buddy decorates the department store with paper snowflakes to glimpses of New York City during the holiday. Another happy ending movie which is a bonus!

    Home Alone: I think I’ve watched this movie since I was young. Love it! Written by one of my favorite writer- John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus (who goes onto Harry Potter directing fame), it’s a movie that brings out so many emotions. A timeless movie for everyone to enjoy.

    How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Whether you watch the original cartoon version or Jim Carey as the Grinch himself, it truly isn’t Christmas without this film. This movie came out in 2000 and pretty much showcases Jim Carey’s talent. The character, Cindy Lou Who, is actually my favorite here though.

    Disney’s A Christmas Carol: Another favorite Christmas movie with Jim Carey. I love the cool animated graphics, matched with Charles Dickens’ timeless storyline. Be sure to  watch a version with the behind the scenes making of this movie.

    A Charlie Brown Christmas: Like some of you, I grew up watching this classic as a child.  Charlie Brown and his gang always remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. The animation is old school and delightful compared to what we have now, but still it’s  beautiful and timeless. Peppermint Patty is my favorite character with freckles and that tomboyish attitude.

    Miracle On 34th Street: This movie truly proves that Christmas is a magical time, especially when you have a character start off with a Scrooge-like mood. Natalie Wood as a young child actor really gave a great performance. Once again, the black and white version is beautiful. Macy’s parade doesn’t look the same after you watch this classic.

    National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Even after years of watching this movie, the laugh it gives me with this Christmas comedy never gets old. Chevy Chase and his family aren’t quite normal, but that’s the interesting part, especially the overzealous Christmas light decorating that goes on.

    The Santa Clause: This is a fantasy Christmas film that depicts an ordinary man who causes Santa to fall off the roof on Christmas Eve. The consequences for this begin the movie storyline, especially when he discovers the process it takes in becoming the new Santa.

    The Polar Express: Last but not least, my favorite. You’ll want to get some hot chocolate when you watch this Christmas 3D movie. This is a fantasy musical film and Tom Hanks is perfect in a variety of characters (6 characters to be exact) seen throughout this movie. See if you can find him. The visual effects are amazing and the plot makes this timeless to watch year after year.

    What are your favorite Christmas movies? I’d love to know!



    Photo image credit: The Red List



  • American Literature since 1945


    I’ve been taking it slow on my blog and for good reason. This week I enrolled in a 12 week literature course from an Ivy League extension program.

    Here’s the reading list for the next few weeks.



    The class moves fast and since it’s all online, I’m expected to read a book a week  before the next discussion.

    So far so good…I think.

    No, I’m not stressed out…I think.

    But when I’m stressed out I like to make art. Here’s what I made today.




  • Disco

    I’m back.

    Sort of.

    It’s been awhile since I’ve written here in this little space on the internet. There’s a good reason: It’s SUMMER!

    Right now I’m listening to Blondie. Yes it’s disco music, but disco music reminds me of summer.

    And summer reminds me of growing up with my family. Road trips and camping in the mountains. With all that road tripping, we listened to a lot of my mom’s favorite music, which happened to be tons of  disco music.

    I grew up listening to disco despite it not being a part of my generation of music. Bands like KC and  the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer’s LAST DANCE, The Bee Gees, and Sister Sledge’s WE ARE FAMILY. But most of all, my mama loved Blondie! She still does.

    I’d like to think I like Blondie too. Okay. I admit it. I LOVE Blondie.

    Debbie Harry’s voice was cool.

    Everything about her style was cool.  Check it out.




    And here. Those jeans! Are those available at H & M???





    So here’s Blondie to help start off the weekend.  Enjoy!


  • How To Read More Books



    Reading has always been a favorite pastime of mine.  Growing up, when there was a book fair at my school, I would get excited and really beg my parents for money to buy some books. We didn’t have a lot of free spending money, so I never really got a chance to order anything. Instead, my place was either the public or school library. No matter what the financial circumstance was, I still made an effort to read.



    If you struggle to find time to read, here are my five favorite tips for reading more books:

    1. Set a time in your schedule to read.

      Just like working out at the gym or making a hair appointment, scheduling some time to read for an hour a day or more will help you build a familiar routine. You’ll begin to see the benefits from doing this when you block out reading time.

    2. Carry a book with you. 

      Instead of using your Kindle phone app, carry and read from a paperback or hardback book if you have room. Trust me. Reading from a phone app or on anything that makes it easier for you to get distracted by other online activities means less reading time for you.

    3. Sign up for Goodreads and track your bookshelf and reading goals. 

      I only recently discovered this for tracking my reading goals. Before I used it to store the book titles I had, but now I’m using it to track reading goals. The Goodreads online community is awesome too! Connect with other reading minded friends and share book reviews.

    4. Join a bookclub in your area or online. 

      I’ve participated in local book clubs and ran a few before. They are so much fun! Get together with your friends and start one if there isn’t a book club in your area. There are so many ideas online and also book club questions. A lot of times, books are now including discussion group questions already inside the back of the book. Take advantage of these questions and have fun with your club. Throw in refreshments too! Everyone loves reading and sharing great snacks!

    5. Books or electronic device reading?

      I know I mentioned above about carrying a book with you, but for some people that might just be a turn off. That’s okay. Discover which format you prefer. Some people prefer paper material when reading, others prefer an electronic device to store all their books and read from them. Don’t feel guilty if you can’t handle paper books. There’s nothing wrong with sticking to digital.

    I’ll be sharing my 2016 reading list and more about what my monthly reading goals in a future post.

  • Friday! Friday! Friday!


    I’m so in the mood for this song from Taylor Swift.

    Blank Space.

    It’s one of those songs that’s on repeat from my playlist.

    She speaks my language like no other songwriter can.

    And oh yeah,  tomorrow is my birthday too so I’m going out to celebrate. Taylor Swift style :)

    Enjoy and have a great weekend!

    image source

  • Goodreads


    Hey friends! I’m back on Goodreads.com and can’t wait to share with you what I’ve been reading and what I’ve read. Feel free to recommend a book to me!



  • Like + Dislike


    1. I enjoy visiting garden estates, but I don’t have a green thumb when it comes to plants.
    2. I like to listen to rock music. Stuff from Led Zeppelin, The Who, The Kinks, Def Leppard, Alice and Chains,  Nirvana, Rush, The Beatles, and Cage The Elephant.
    3. I’m a nerd and enjoy geeking on things from Star Wars and Star Trek.
    4. I have a thing for purses. Mostly really good leather handbags.
    5. My favorite Starbuck drink is the Strawberry Acai drink. Size: Grande
    6. My favorite poet is Ralph Waldo Emerson.
    7. I am the oldest with 1 younger sister.
    8. I really dislike being late so I’ll probably arrive to my appointments twenty minutes early.
    9. I prefer warm weather.
    10. I de-stress by walking on the beach.
    11. I hate clutter.
    12. I am a huge candle freak.
    13. I worry about being late…see # 8.
    14. My favorite perfume at the moment is Giorgio Armani Si.
    15. I love my family.
    16. I shop at the same stores, over and over again.
    17. I enjoy exploring new cities.
    18. I’m afraid of heights, particularly falling from the sky.
    19. I dislike watching or reading the news.
    20. I like surprising unsuspecting people and seeing them happy and smile.


  • Camping Inspo


    It’s that time of year that I love…Fall. This is the time I love to go camping. There’s something about the cool Fall air and snuggling in warm cozy blankets inside a tent.


    When the sun begins to set, you become grateful for the day that was spent.


    And in the evening, you can enjoy scoping out the constellations for some cool discoveries.