• Words That Inspire Me

    I created this art journal page back in January and am now just getting the opportunity to share it with you.




  • Words That Inspire Me


    Currently on my desk and what inspires me.

    I like to collect quotes and things I discover from across the internet. These can be scraps from magazines, drawings, scribbles that I write down from things I’ve seen. I hoard them and really should find a way to better keep them organized. For now I’ll tuck them into my favorite french book.



    image source: katie orse llc

  • Wednesday Wisdom



    I discovered this inspirational quote on Pinterest and had to share with you.

    I’m feeling very insecure right now. I think it’s because I have so many queries out with  agents and editors. I haven’t received any responses.  It’s a waiting game. Some queries dating as far back as four months. Those queries I’ll have to close out.

    More often, agents/editors won’t even respond back if they’re not interested. Unfortunately, that’s business. Or is it?

    I love agents who have rejected me with a kind note. As sad as it is, I find it actually makes me stronger. You know, to keep trudging on with my work. A lot of times, my rejections are from the agent’s assistant. I don’t mind if it’s the actual agent or his/her assistant responding. Any response is welcomed.

    So this is kind of interesting for me to learn. Rejection isn’t all that bad. Rejection for me just makes me even more stubborn. More determined to reach my goal.




  • Architecture Inspiration



    “There was nowhere to go but everywhere, so just keep on rolling under the stars.” -Jack Kerouac.

    📷 credit:  @katieorse


  • Thursday Thought

    I love this quote. I wish more people would live by it.

    Be humble.

    Stay humble.