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Finally Friday!!

This week has been so busy (productively so) that I actually found myself getting my days mixed up. I thought yesterday was Friday when it was actually Thursday, and you can kind of guess what else by working backwards from that day.

Nevertheless, today is officially Friday. I’m writing a few short stories. I still have work to do with another new WIP, mostly research. I love research, but I can get so entrenched in (meticulous) research and forget about writing. Balance is a work in progress for me. Something that I am always striving.

So here are my favorite links from this week. It’s an assortment of sorts. From high end literature to beauty.

Have a great weekend!

  1. I’m currently taking this course and find it interesting.
  2. I am coveting this cool clutch from Jcrew.
  3. Searching for some inspirational tech background for your laptop?
  4. I found this article interesting.
  5. Tips from my cousin Jennifer, celebrity make up artist: How to create fuller brows (video below).