A Day in the Life : Juilliard Music Division


The main character in my current manuscript is gifted with musical talents. She plays both the violin and piano. Her dream is to attend Juilliard. In my research I discovered that the school  runs their very own Youtube channel.

I love watching The Juilliard School’s Youtube channel. It’s my go-to for inspiration, not just for music (which I love), but to receive some insight into the lives of these gifted professionals. It’s amazing to watch the sacrifice these students make for their passion.

This video highlights one of their viola students and you can follow his Youtube channel here and his audition story here. He’s full of positive energy, which I LOVE!

If you’re  ever in doubt about fulfilling your dreams, passion or maybe you’re  just feeling stuck… watching positive and uplifting Youtube channels such as this one is an excellent starting point.




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