5 Things I Loved This Week

Photo: ©2017 KatieOrse

It’s Friday and I’m excited for this weekend. I’ve been very good at keeping up with positive habits… such as sticking to my office hours and learning to relax when I’m away from writing and researching. It’s interesting to see these habits become real changes.
Also, the weather is getting warmer and I’m looking forward to spending more time outdoors. What about your weekend plans? No matter what you plan to do this weekend…make it a great one!



  1. Spring is almost officially here. I can’t wait! I’m already wearing my favorite  floral scent.
  2. Loving this beginner’s guide to meditation.
  3. I’m going to be trying out this healthy recipe: Mediterranean Roasted Red Pepper Pizza
  4. Your eyes will dance when you watch this Vimeo video.
  5. I added this  song is on my writing playlist. You can listen to it here.

Image credit: Katie Orse LLC

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