Goal List

{source: TheNectarCollective.com }

If you’re a visual learner like me, this Goal List will probably help you stay on track with accomplishing your goals. One of the biggest challenge I had in 2016 was keeping track of
my goals and achievements. Planners and calendars are great, but I need something that stays in front of me {preferably on my wall}, every day, and most of all, visually staring  back at me. Lovingly whispering… to me… that I need to keep going.  Yoo-hoo!

For this goal tracker, it’s suggested that you print out on 11×14 paper for the post it notes to fit. You can also print out on regular 8×11 paper like I did, and then using a small square punch {hello fellow scrapbookers out there!}, punch out regular post it notes to fit. I also laminated my goal list for reuse and durability.

You can use different sticky notes if you have them too. Love it!

For students, you can hole punch the side with a three-ring punch, place it in your binder, and keep track of your goals on the go. Print some out for the kids and help them learn important goal values.

This list may be a bit old school, but it’s pretty and I can’t wait to get my chart filled up. Like I mentioned, I’m a visual learner and need extra help staying on track. I hope this helps you too!





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