Monday Motivation

The comfort zone. How does it work for you?

Me. I’m constantly working on mine. I’m a work in progress you might say. I struggle with it often…to be honest…but I always end up fine in the end.

Last Friday I stepped out of my studio and went to see Star War’s Rogue One. I had been looking forward to this moment all week. Hard work = reward yourself.

I went to see the movie in the evening. The line was long..and yes, I began to hyperventilate. I really wanted to run out of that line, despite only waiting ten minutes. Finally, I was able to get inside and find a nice seat.

Then another struggle occurred: Sitting next to strangers. Sitting elbow to elbow.

Two thoughts entered my head immediately as I watch the theatre fill up.

  1. I’m still surrounded by a crowd of people.
  2. Disney did it again…this movie is going to receive high revenues.

Those inner thoughts should give you a sense of my Ying and Yang process I constantly go through. Tiring? Yes.

You would think that growing up in Los Angeles, California, I would be used to crowds. I’m not. I hate it. I would rather be in a galaxy…far, far away.

But once the opening previews began,  I managed to calm myself down and just go with the flow. Crowd weariness is a big struggle for me, no matter where I am, but you’d probably never know unless I shared this fact with you.

Somehow in that theatre, I managed to focus on the positive things, and shrink out the negative stuff.

Enjoy the moment.

Enjoy the movie.

Enjoy the time I have to relax.

I’ve come to terms that my comfort zone is constantly in motion. Once I start trying to venture out from my comfort zone, I’ll be able to try new things. New things are good.

And in the end, if I don’t like what I’ve just tried, I don’t have to do it again. I have that freedom to allow myself to say no and I shouldn’t feel guilty for doing so.




image credit: Anna Karina, photographed by Terry O’Neill, 1968.

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