Sky Magic Live at Mt.Fuji : Drone Ballet Show by MicroAd, Inc. on Vimeo

I discovered this cool drone ballet show last week on Vimeo. It’s extremely creative on several fronts. The first being the use of drones to create a beautiful synchronized performance. This to me is a wonderful use of technology for uplifting others and sharing cool inspiration.

I also love the stage set for this performance. The use of  lighting and while the backdrop is dim, you can still see  Mt. Fuji in the background. It’s such a majestic view!

Finally, the other creative element I love in this project is the music. The musicians are playing a Japanese instrument called a Shamisen. It’s literally a three string instrument. Such an illuminating mix of traditional sound meets present day.

After watching this video, I hope they perform at the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics! Wouldn’t that be awesome?

In the end, it truly is sky magic.

I hope you’ll enjoy it and have a great weekend!

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