San Destin Seaside

Hey guys! This past weekend I had a chance to visit the San Destin area, just outside the city limits of Destin, Florida. We visited a few areas of interest,  sampled some great dining venues and did some shopping.

I was mostly intrigued by the coastal living lifestyle. It’s been my dream to live right on the waterfront and I had an opportunity to visit a few new model homes. I was impressed that the housing industry is evolving with so much use of technology, downright to the security features and to the home entertainment. There was so much to understand about this technology as well as exciting to be living in this time to experience it. Everything was controlled right at the touch of your fingertips and your keyboard!

One of the best features of living on the coast is the view. I managed to take a few photos for inspiration. Most of what inspired me was the sunset. I can positively imagine myself sitting in my back patio, taking in all the waterfront scenery. Beautiful! The weather was perfect and comfortable at just 70 degrees! No humidity, and no pesky mosquitoes. If you’re in Florida, you know about the humidity and the mosquitoes that live here.

Waterfront living is  my goal. It was so peaceful and quiet in this seaside community. Perfect for a writer to find inspiration with no distractions. There were limited cars in the area because most of the residents living in this coastal community rode their bikes. There were dozens of organized bike racks at every location, from the local eatery cafe to the shopping district. I loved it!

And if you’re not into biking, every thing was also within walking distance. Driving into Destin was a breeze as well. Residents can drive anywhere between ten to fifteen minutes into Destin for some shopping and fine dining.

The fact that this quiet seaside community is still growing is what makes this all the more exciting. I love visiting and experiencing a brand new area before it gets developed. The change from before to after is amazing. I was sure to take lots of photos to document this experience!

So there you go. If you ever get a chance to visit Florida, San Destin is the place to go!

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