• Art Journal

    I’m a freelancer, so I work at home. The hours are weird. Sometimes I’m up at 5am writing or revising, other times I’m working at 10pm. I know, I know, I should really stick to some kind of set schedule, and I promise I will. For now, I’m trying to play around with what works for me.

    Am I a morning person?

    Am I a night owl?

    I don’t know for sure. I do know that I need lots of breaks in between work. I can’t go for long periods of time writing or edit because it can really strain my mind. And when that happens, mistakes happen.

    So when I’m not writing, I’m usually playing around with some form of creative outlet. It’s my way of taking a break and stepping away.

    Here’s what I created so far in my art journal. I’ll share more photos soon.



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  • Gratitude Journal Entry : December 20. 2016


    I hope you had a Merry Christmas!

    I finished this entry last week and didn’t have time to post it until today. Can you believe it? 8 days later?

    I’m collecting positive quotes, inspirations, stories, and things I find worthy and uplifting to be included in this journal. I started so late in 2016…actually on December 1st. It’s never too late though, and since we’re fast approaching 2017, I think it will be perfect.

    I’ve filled up so many notebooks already so it was fun to get another one and start over again. And yes, I’m actually one of those people who completely fill my notebooks.

    Sewing in this book is a lot easier too.  This style really opens up flat so the page doesn’t want to force itself to close. I don’t know if that makes any sense, but if you like to sew on paper like I do, and particularly in books, you’ll want something that can maneuver around that sewing needle easily.





  • Gratitude Journal

    As a paper crafter, I’m not one to begin a December Daily album. Too much work to be honest. Instead, I opted for a December Gratitude Journal project.

    This project is quick, easy, and I’m using up a lot of my left over scrapbooking papers and items. Nothing goes to waste in my studio.

    I purchased this cool Tinne-Mia notebook at Anthropologie. It’s no longer in stock, but you can visit Tinne’s website here. I’m addicted to their notebooks because of the size, especially this one that I purchased. It’s approx. 5×6 and fits perfectly in my purse or tote bag without lugging so much weight.

    You can see more glimpses of my gratitude journal if you follow me on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. I’ll try to post more on the blog when I can to include descriptions.

    Meanwhile, back to writing!



    P.S. This is not a sponsored post. I just love Tinne-Mia and wanted to share this love with you.

    Photo: If you use my photo, please credit me @katieorse or www.katieorse.com. Thank you!

  • Dream but make your dreams happen.

    I recently began journaling in a Midori traveler’s journal.

    I love the style and size of the entire notebook. The only disappointment I have is the paper quality. It’s a little too thin for my taste. I’m used to working with Moleskine’s paper quality so it took awhile to get used to.

    Here’s a journaling piece that I created in my journal. Most of the scrapbooking paper I used are from Heidi Swapp’s 12×12 paper pack and other ensemble pieces from my scrapbook stash.

    I also used watercolor inspired alphabet stickers for the ‘DREAM’.  Lovin’ it! It actually looks like I handstamped the lettering, but it’s really stickers.

    The Midori notebook cover  is handmade-sewn from fabric.  I purchased it from this cute Etsy shop here.

    To finish off my journaling page, I found a few interesting quotes to include. I like to search for quotes that have some kind of mean to what I’m going through at the moment. Something that will fit my current mood, which is a part of what journaling is about for me.

    It was a fun page for me to create and I’d love to hear what you think of it!