Vintage 90’s Music


It’s finally the weekend!! I need a little escape so I’ve been listening to vintage 90’s music.

Classic Saint Etienne…a British alternative band formed in 1990. I found them on Youtube and I’m so glad I did! They have that beach/indie vibe that I like.  Nothing Can Stop Us is my favorite song from Saint Etienne.

When I listen to this song…it reminds me of San Diego, when I’m visiting my family out there, and cool Adam Brody . I have no idea why.

This same kind of thing happens when I listen to Rush and the song Lessons will come on. I think about Las Vegas, Nevada. Yes, I spent some time there too. I don’t know if certain songs do that for you?? Does it make you think of some random moment in your life?

Check out their videos below and all the awesome filters  used in filming. All before Instagram was invented. Gotta love it.

Happy FRIDAY and have a safe weekend!






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