May 11:2017

It’s been a rough few weeks. My eye is healing but I have to wear glasses for a few more days. I normally wear contact lens, which is how I scratched my cornea in the first place.  This hasn’t  stopped me completely from editing my manuscript though. It’s given me a sense of gratitude. How grateful I am for having eyes that can see. What a blessing it is to have sight!

As for editing…clarifying scenes so that they move the story forward.  I’m  removing parts that slow the story down. It’s just there…for some reason…a bloated piece of writing I did. So, I’ve deleted them out.

Once I’m finished with these revisions, I’m sending my work off to an editor… one that a writer friend recommended.

The more I edit this draft version, the more I feel confident in my writing…again. See…that’s the biggest hurdle for me…having confidence in something like this. Writing is an expression, and to be honest, I’m often afraid of what other people will think. Will they hate it? Like it? It’s that awful rejection part…but that’s where I need to develop a thick skin for this business.

Until next time, here’s a beautiful cover of The Psychedelic Furs “Ghost In You” song. It’s a bit more of a somber version than the Psychedelic’s. I shared the original version from the band awhile ago in a post, which was a tribute to one of my favorite writer…John Hughes.

P.S. Look at her…Hayley has a thousand times more confidence than me. She’s inspiring!






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