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Sustainability in our environment  is very important to me, but as a writer, I sometimes find myself stuck between a rock and a hard place. It’s the nature of the craft I love, which depends on paper. I have a tremendous paper addiction. I don’t like to waste paper and perhaps hoard too much of it. I am also a tech geek and love the ingenuity that comes along with great innovations in our generation. I’m fascinated with the future prospects that technology will bring to us all. For example, did you know paper can now be made from wheat? Interesting right?

When I discovered this animation video, I not only discovered cool animation, but a powerful hidden message. I’d rather think about the positive and not the negative, so I don’t think paper will go away permanently. Instead, I believe paper will be enhanced and we’ll be able to figure out new ways to recycle, repurpose, and regenerate paper from materials. Materials that do not have to cause us to destroy trees. It’s best to go paperless but if I need to for my work, then I’ll use paper. I’m also careful to print using a smaller font, which takes up less paper.

So without going too political on you, enjoy this quick video!



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