My 10 Favorite Christmas Movies To Watch


I can’t believe we’re already in the middle of December. We’re quickly wrapping up the year and as Christmas approaches, I’ve been getting myself in the spirit by queuing up some of my favorite holiday movies. There’s something comforting about curling up on the couch and watching your favorites every December. From classic features to romantic comedies, I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite Christmas flicks to get you in the holiday spirit!

It’s A Wonderful Life: If you’re in the mood for a classic film, nothing tops this Christmas classic starring James Stewart. With it’s powerful message, this movie will surely put you in a positive mood. It has several themes like love, family, and courage. By the way,  I prefer the black and white version, not the colorized.

Elf: Will Ferrell is perfect as the imperfect “ELF” in this movie.  There are so many great scenes in this one, such as where Buddy decorates the department store with paper snowflakes to glimpses of New York City during the holiday. Another happy ending movie which is a bonus!

Home Alone: I think I’ve watched this movie since I was young. Love it! Written by one of my favorite writer- John Hughes and directed by Chris Columbus (who goes onto Harry Potter directing fame), it’s a movie that brings out so many emotions. A timeless movie for everyone to enjoy.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas: Whether you watch the original cartoon version or Jim Carey as the Grinch himself, it truly isn’t Christmas without this film. This movie came out in 2000 and pretty much showcases Jim Carey’s talent. The character, Cindy Lou Who, is actually my favorite here though.

Disney’s A Christmas Carol: Another favorite Christmas movie with Jim Carey. I love the cool animated graphics, matched with Charles Dickens’ timeless storyline. Be sure to  watch a version with the behind the scenes making of this movie.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: Like some of you, I grew up watching this classic as a child.  Charlie Brown and his gang always remind me of the true meaning of Christmas. The animation is old school and delightful compared to what we have now, but still it’s  beautiful and timeless. Peppermint Patty is my favorite character with freckles and that tomboyish attitude.

Miracle On 34th Street: This movie truly proves that Christmas is a magical time, especially when you have a character start off with a Scrooge-like mood. Natalie Wood as a young child actor really gave a great performance. Once again, the black and white version is beautiful. Macy’s parade doesn’t look the same after you watch this classic.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation: Even after years of watching this movie, the laugh it gives me with this Christmas comedy never gets old. Chevy Chase and his family aren’t quite normal, but that’s the interesting part, especially the overzealous Christmas light decorating that goes on.

The Santa Clause: This is a fantasy Christmas film that depicts an ordinary man who causes Santa to fall off the roof on Christmas Eve. The consequences for this begin the movie storyline, especially when he discovers the process it takes in becoming the new Santa.

The Polar Express: Last but not least, my favorite. You’ll want to get some hot chocolate when you watch this Christmas 3D movie. This is a fantasy musical film and Tom Hanks is perfect in a variety of characters (6 characters to be exact) seen throughout this movie. See if you can find him. The visual effects are amazing and the plot makes this timeless to watch year after year.

What are your favorite Christmas movies? I’d love to know!



Photo image credit: The Red List