I’m back.

Sort of.

It’s been awhile since I’ve written here in this little space on the internet. There’s a good reason: It’s SUMMER!

Right now I’m listening to Blondie. Yes it’s disco music, but disco music reminds me of summer.

And summer reminds me of growing up with my family. Road trips and camping in the mountains. With all that road tripping, we listened to a lot of my mom’s favorite music, which happened to be tons of  disco music.

I grew up listening to disco despite it not being a part of my generation of music. Bands like KC and  the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer’s LAST DANCE, The Bee Gees, and Sister Sledge’s WE ARE FAMILY. But most of all, my mama loved Blondie! She still does.

I’d like to think I like Blondie too. Okay. I admit it. I LOVE Blondie.

Debbie Harry’s voice was cool.

Everything about her style was cool.  Check it out.




And here. Those jeans! Are those available at H & M???





So here’s Blondie to help start off the weekend.  Enjoy!


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