Work hard and Write, Write, Write

Working at home freelance style has been challenging. Don’t get me wrong, it has plenty of it’s benefits too, but sometimes things can get lonely. I mean, I don’t have any co-workers around to speak to (unless it’s my dog) and I’m not really accountable to anyone, unless I have a writing job.

I love that I’m a writer.


I love that I can take my work with me…where ever  I go.


I love that I don’t really have a boss, but I’m my own boss.

The rejections are endless, but that’s a part of the business.

The pay could be much better, but let’s be honest, unless you’ve got several freelance jobs lined up. Freelance writers are their own business owners. We’re entrepreneurs and we have to go out and look for the jobs. It’s not enough that I stop once I get a writing gig. I’m looking for the next job as I go along.

d2fc3876dbc46cf389f206f97f3c1eefAnd so it is…the life of a writer.

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