The Best is Yet To Come art journaling



This is one of my favorite art journal page. I have been on the look out for inspirational quotes to save and print up for my journals. I actually found this anonymous quote by accident on Pinterest. It’s kind of creepy that Pinterest will suggest to you certain pins from other people that are similar to the pins that you have been posting onto your board. I realize it’s Pinterest’s way of tracking, but a lot of the pins I’ve been suggested are way too exact, like someone is actually watching me on the computer lol!

I still love Pinterest and all the inspirational photos/links I get, so I’m not going to complain.

In my art journal, I’ve been using a lot of old book pages as my background. It’s a great way of recycling, and I find my old books at the thrift stores. I still have a difficult time tearing out of the pages because I don’t like messing the original book, but once I see the final journal page come to life, I love it!

When I’m not writing, this is how I relax and exercise my creative muscles. What do you do to exercise your creative muscles?

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